Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Information for the Texas Gulf Coast, Inshore and Offshore

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Look at what I caught. Now, what do I do with it?" Sound familiar? Do you love the gumbo at your local seafood restaurant and want to try and make your own? It's not that hard. With a little help (recipes), ingenuity (try a little of this and that), and patience (you have to come up with that), you can prepare seafood that rivals the best chefs in Louisiana. Fishermen can't live on fish alone, so I've thrown in a few other favorites too.

First things first, we need to prepare our seafood before we turn it into a mouth watering dish.

  1. How to Shuck an Oyster
  2. How to Clean Live Blue Crabs
  3. How to Crack a Blue Crab (Boiled/Steamed)

Now Let's move on to the recipes:

Crab Recipes:  
Shrimp Recipes:  
Fish Recipes: