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Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

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How to Clean Live Blue Crab

Crabs should be purchased live and as close to the time of cooking as possible. They should actively move their claws; however, if the crabs have been refrigerated, they will not be very active. Do not purchase any crabs that do not show these signs of life.

Cleaning crabs is really easy with a little practice. They can be cleaned at the sink but, it's best to clean them outside to keep the mess out of the wife's kitchen.

Iced Blue Crab
  • Ice the crabs down for 5 to 10 minutes. This will slow them down and allow you to handle them with your bare hands.
Pop the Top of a Blue Crab
  • Place the crab down on a stable surface. Use one hand to hold down the crab by his legs. Use the other hand and pry the top shell off of the crab towards the free side. This will kill the crab instantly.
Shell Removed from Blue Crab
  • Your crab should now look like this.
Remove Apron from Blue Crab
  • Flip the crab over and peel off the apron.
Remove Face of Blue Crab
  • Flip the crab again and peel off the face.
Remove Gills of Blue Crab
  • Now peel/remove the crab's gills.
Cleanse Blue Crab
  • Rinse out the crab's entrails with a water.
Cleaned Blue Crab
  • You now have a crab ready for the gumbo pot.